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Brokerage or Advisory Account

Which Type of Account Is Most Suitable For You?

Your Financial Professional is fully committed to offering you education and experience that can help you achieve your financial goals. As dually-registered professionals, our advisors have the flexibility to offer you either a Brokerage (Commission-Based) or Advisory (Fee-Based) account, or a combination of the two. Following a discussion with your financial professional, they will recommend the account type that is in in your best interest to aid you in meeting your financial goals.

Account Type:


Brokerage (Commission-Based)

You will work with a dedicated financial professional who will provide personalized
investment advice and strategies to meet your financial objectives.

Advisory (Fee-Based)

You will work with a dedicated financial professional who will provide personalized investment advice and strategies to meet your financial objectives. Your financial professional also has access to proprietary and third-party professional money managers.

Best Interest Standard

Your financial professional will provide advice in your best interest only at the time of a recommendation.

Your financial professional will provide advice as a fiduciary at the time of the recommendation and throughout the period of time that your assets remain in a fee-based account.

Suitable Investors

This account type is most suitable for investors who wish to buy and hold an investment, without monitoring by the financial professional.

This account type is most suitable for investors who wish to work with a financial professional on an ongoing basis.


Available investments include: Mutual Funds, Annuities, Unit Investment Trusts, Insurance, Exchange Traded Funds, Stocks, Bonds, Options and Alternative Investments. Your financial professional may be limited in what he/she can offer. Please see your financial professional’s Bio Brochure for further information.

Investment advice for a fee is available on all investments shown to the left, excluding annuities and insurance. Your financial professional may be limited in what he/she can offer. Please see your financial professional’s Bio Brochure for further information.

Compensation to your financial professional and the firm for professional advice provided

You will pay a commission (sometimes referred to as a sale charge) to purchase and/or sell a security.

You will pay an ongoing fee, which will be a percentage of the value of the assets in your account.

Account Monitoring

Non-Discretionary: Your financial professional must receive your consent prior to any recommended transaction and will only review your account on an as-needed basis, and will not provide periodic or ongoing monitoring.

Discretionary Accounts: The firm and your financial professional do not offer discretionary brokerage accounts.

Non-Discretionary Accounts: Your financial professional must receive your consent prior to any recommended transaction. Non-discretionary advisory accounts will be monitored on a frequency that is determined between you and your financial professional to be in your best interest, but at least annually.

Discretionary Accounts: Where the firm or your financial professional have been granted discretionary authority, your account will be monitored on an ongoing basis.

Jason Knox, AIF®, CRC® is licensed to offer both Brokerage and Advisory accounts.