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Introducing your Personal File Safe - A Safe Place For Your Important Documents 

October 14, 2021  |  With you so many important documents and files, our financial lives and all of the paperwork often becomes complex.  Knox Financial Services provides our clients with their own secure online folder as a place to store your files.  This provides an easily organized way to backup your files and documents, and allows you to to access them at any time, on any device, with your unique login. 

Our Personal File Safe file system may be a place to store copies of your will, power of attorney, deeds, titles, vital records, tax-returns, pictures, or other files and documents that are important to you.  You may upload your files directly from your computer or device.  If you have documents in paper form, please contact our Client Service Team to arrange a time to scan your files at one of our office locations.  We will upload these files to your Personal File Safe.

Visit Personal File Safe for more information.

Knox Financial Offers New Office Hours 

October 12, 2021  |  Decorah and West Union, IA:  Our new office hours are:


  • Monday            8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday           8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Wednesday     8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Thursday         8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Friday              By appointment
  • Saturday         By appointment

West Union

  • Monday           8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday          8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Wednesday    8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Thursday        8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Friday             8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Saturday        By appointment

Careers at Knox Financial Services

October 4, 2021  | Decorah, IA and West Union, IA:  We are hiring!  Knox Financial Services is seeking financial professionals.  Not presently an advisor? We have intern positions available.  If you are interested in helping people reach their financial goals, or know someone that may be, please visit:

Please Pardon our Progress - West Union

October 12, 2021  | West Union, IA:  Repaving our of parking lot is completed and the lot will open on 10/18.  Until 10/18, parking is available on the south and west sides of our building.  The sidewalk is open.  Thank you for your cooperation.  

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New Role for Team Member

October 4, 2021  | Decorah, IA and West Union, IA:  Chasity Griffith has become our Project Coordinator, working with our team with ongoing activities.  Chasity was our Decorah office Administrator and handled the  day to day functions at our Decorah location.  We will miss seeing Chasity at our Decorah location each day, but look forward to working with her in her new role.  

Knox Financial Services Fall 2021 SXS Journey

October 2, 2021  |  Northeast Iowa:  Great people, great scenery, great fun!  Thank you to all that attended our Fall 2021 SXS Journey.  We enjoyed spending our day with you and hope all had a wonderful day.  Thank you again for the many gracious land owners that allowed us to enjoy the great outdoors.

See Pictures from our SXS Journey

Knox Financial Casual Days Help Local Organizations   

October 1, 2021  |  West Union, IA: Knox Financial team members enjoy casual dress on Thursdays & Fridays.  Each team member is making a contribution to a local charity each month, with Knox Financial matching all team member contributions.   

With our casual dress on Thursdays and Fridays, please know we will continue to maintain our focus on client's needs.  When you are in the office, ask our team members about the organizations we support.   Helping great organizations and having fun- a winning combination! 

December, 2021:     Parent Share & Support Adopt a Family 2021

November, 2021:    North Fayette Valley Fine Arts Booster Club

October, 2021:        West Union Festival of Lights

September, 2021:   North Fayette Valley Athletic Booster Club

August,  2021:       Humane Society of Northeast Iowa

July, 2021:              West Union Volunteer Fire Department

June, 2021:             Turkey Valley Community School District Student Guidance Funds

May, 2021:              Echo Valley Trap Team

April, 2021:             North Fayette Valley Post Prom

March, 2021:          North Fayette Valley Community Coalition

February, 2021:      West Union Parks and Recreation

January, 2021:        Turkey Valley Trap Range

December, 2020:    Wadena Lighted Cross

November, 2020:    Friends of the Library of West Union

October, 2020:        Friends of the Decorah Public Library

September, 2020:   North Fayette Valley Athletic Booster Club

August, 2020:         North Fayette Valley Fine Arts Booster Club

July, 2020:              Winneshiek Medical Center Foundation– Home Health & Hospice

June, 2020:            Humane Society of Northeast Iowa

May, 2020:              West Union Iowa Volunteer Fire Department

April, 2020:             South Winneshiek Area First Responders

March, 2020:          Retrieving Freedom

February, 2020:      NEICAC Food Pantries

January, 2020:        Palmer Memorial Foundation

Knox Financial Transfers to new Phone System

September 20, 2021  |  Decorah & West Union: Knox Financial Services has completed migration to their new phone system.  All numbers remain the same.  The new system:

Links to our client database, allowing our team to view your information sooner when you call; is part of our online meeting system, allowing easy transition from phone calls to online meetings; and reduces many of our manual recordkeeping processes, allowing our team to focus on the things most important to you.   

Thank You for your Cooperation with our Sidewalk Project

September 7, 2021  |  West Union:  Thank you for your cooperation while we improved our office entrance.   We appreciate your willingness to work around our front door being closed while the sidewalk was replaced.  

The parking lot replacement is scheduled for October.  We will notify you of the planned dates, so we may schedule around our parking lot being unavailable.  Thank you for being patient with our progress. 

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Staying Sane in an Insane Market

August 17, 2021  |  Online:  Click Here hear to listen to a replay of "Staying Sane in an Insane Market."  In this video, Shashi Mehrotra, Chief Investment Strategist at Lincoln Investment provides a brief presentation to help us gain a better understanding of today's markets.   This presentation covers:

  • What is all this talk about a double dip recession?
  • Could there be an echo of the bear market we had last year
  • Tax hikes?  Yikes.
  • What should I do, if I am close to retirement?

Hosted by:  Lincoln Investment

Share your documents securely with Knox Financial Services 

July 7, 2021  |  Decorah, IA & West Union, IA: Knox Financial offers a secure tool to share your files and documents with our team.   Visit Knox Financial File Share to upload your files and documents directly to our Team.   

Virtual Tour of our West Union location

July 7, 2021  | West Union, IA: Visit Knox Financial Services West Union Office to see a virtual tour of our West Union, IA location. 

Knox Financial Services SXS Journey 

June 26, 2021  |  Northeast Iowa.  Clients and guests enjoyed our Spring 2021 SXS outing. The day included a scenic tour of northeast Iowa, some rain, some sun, a birthday celebration, amazing off-road tours, and a delicious meal.  In lieu of an entry fee, donations were made to local Fire Departments - helping great organizations while having fun!  Thank you to all that attended, we really enjoyed our amazing day with you. 

Our next scheduled SXS ride is Saturday, September 11, 2021.  This event will start at our West Union office location.

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Our History
Our Values
Our Process
Our Process
Our History
Our Resources
Our Values
Our Process
Our History
Our Resources
Our Values
Our Process
Our History
Our Resources
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Congratulations Nate!

Congratulations Nate!

June 20, 2021  |  West Union, IA: Nate completed his senior year at North Fayette Valley!   Nate plans to attend Upper Iowa University in the fall and pursue education.  We are proud of the many accomplishments Nate has achieved and the fine young man he is.  

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you have imagined!"  

-Henry David Thoreau

New Interns Join Knox Financial Services

New Interns Join Knox Financial Services

May 27, 2021  |  Decorah & West Union, IA:  We are pleased to announce our additional staff for summer, 2021.  This group will assist with several technology upgrades and be available for client service requests. 

Ally Fink is a recent Upper Iowa University graduate.  Ally is originally from Joilet, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago. 

Lauren Griffith is senior at the University of Dubuque. Lauren is from Waukon, IA, but recently moved to West Union, IA. 

Mallory Steege is a senior at the University of Northern Iowa. Mallory is from Denver, IA, but lives in Cedar Falls, IA. 

Learn more

Steffani and Terry welcome new addition to their family!

May 26, 2021  |  West Union: Steffani is our Branch Administrator.  On Wednesday,  May 26, 2021, at 4:40 pm a healthy baby girl joined Steffani and Terry's family.  She weighed 7lbs 5 oz.  Both the baby and Steffani are doing well.  Steffani plans to return to the office on 9/1/2021.

Congratulations Steffani and Terry!

Lincoln Investment Recognizes Jason Knox as Hall of Fame Qualifying Member

February 2, 2021  |  Fort Washington, PA:   Lincoln Investment recognized Jason Knox as a member of their Hall of Fame.   Qualifying members achieved Lincoln Investment's top recognition clubs, Nick's Round Table or President's Club, for ten years.  These awards recognize those Lincoln Investment financial advisors who have achieved the firm's annual qualifying criteria based on overall production, new clients, advisory accounts and assets. Lincoln Investment honors them for their dedication to helping people retire well by presenting them with these awards.  

Awards are not indicative of future performance. Working with an award winner is no guarantee of future financial success. Individuals should conduct their own evaluation.

Choose E-Delivery or Postal Mail for Your Account and Regulatory Documents 

July 23, 2020  |  Knox Financial Client Communcation

With Regulation Best Interest in effect, additional communications are being sent to our clients with investments held at or through Lincoln Investment or Capital Analysts.  These include Form CRS, new disclosures, Financial Professional Bio, along with your regular account statements, transaction confirmations, tax forms, and regulatory documents.

You may choose which documents you wish to have sent via postal mail and those you wish to have sent via electronic delivery.  We believe it is important to be informed about your account, investment advisor, broker/dealer and regulatory documents.  However, we also believe it is important to have the information delivered to you in the manner you prefer.

You may choose either postal mail or electronic delivery of each type of document you receive.  For example, if you wish to receive your quarterly account statements and tax forms via postal mail, with confirmation transactions and regulatory documents sent via electronic delivery, you may choose these, or any other combination of your preferences. You may receive all information via electronic delivery.  You may change these elections in the future, at any time.

For information sent via electronic delivery, an email with a link to your account login or to the relevant document is included.  The document is not attached to the email, nor is account information included in the email.   For account information, the link in the email will direct you to a secure website login.  After logging in, you may view your account information.  

Delivery of documents electronically may be available sooner than items sent via postal mail, save resources, provide access at any time, make it easy to organize your information, and reduce the amount of postal mail you receive.  Having a secure login to view your information may also ensure better security of your confidential information.  

To get started:  please visit Lincoln Investment Investor Login to establish your account and e-delivery preferences. For assistance establishing your login, please contact our Knox Financial Client Service Team or call 1-877-566-9468.

If you have questions or concerns about e-delivery, please contact Jason Knox or call Jason at 1-877-566-9468.  Thank you. 

Knox Financial Says Goodbye to Our Little Buddy, Tucker.

Knox Financial Says Goodbye to Our Little Buddy, Tucker.

May 18, 2020  |  Madison, WI:  Tucker passed away peacefully after a brief illness.  Tucker was our canine Greeter and Chief Fun Officer (CFO) from 2009 to 2020.  Tucker assisted in the establishment of our Decorah and West Union office locations.  When Tucker visited our offices, he would greet our guests, guard the door, enjoy resting in the sun, and alert our team to anyone or anything that passed by.  He would also remind our team when it was time for ear scratches or a treat.  Tucker always brought smiles to our faces.  Dearly missed, always loved, forever in our hearts.  We love you, Tucker! 

Visit Tucker's Memorial Page

Jason Knox visits Lincoln Investment Office

March 4, 2020  |  Fort Washington, PA: Jason Knox visited Lincoln Investment's corporate office, meeting with members of Lincoln's Investment Management & Research, Advisor Consulting, Compliance, and Branch Service departments.