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Personalized Investment Solutions Tailored To Your Unique Needs 

Our asset management programs are designed around you, your purpose, your risk tolerance, your goals and time horizon.  Our advisors provide a systematic process to help ensure your investments meet your desires.

Whether one calls it "wealth management" or "asset management", investment solutions should be designed around you.  Your investments should be more than investing in the markets without strategy or purpose. 

Our asset management services provide a systematic framework of developing and monitoring your portfolio, on an ongoing basis.  We help our clients use their assets in the most efficient manner for their situation and goals.

Knowing your assets are professionally managed on an ongoing basis, may free up time, allowing you to pursue the most important other parts of your life. 

As you pursue your other goals, be assured we are systematically monitoring and adjusting your accounts as needed.  Enjoy your Journey!

Our Process For Working Together

We Learn About You

We Learn About You

The first step is for us to learn about you and why you are investing.   Knowing your goals, time horizon, risk level and purpose for investing is crucial to matching you to a great investment strategy.

Your Risk Tolerance

Your Risk Tolerance

The next step is to determine your risk tolerance, using our risk number process.  Our mathematically driven process helps determine your natural risk tolerance.  Stereotypes like "conservative" or "moderate" may vary.  Our process helps pinpoint your risk tolerance.

Your Unique Portfolio

Your Unique Portfolio

After reviewing your situation and risk tolerance, we then present our investment recommendations for your unique situation, risk tolerance and time horizon.  We review the proposed portfolio in detail.  If we agree, we then establish your accounts.

Stay In Touch

Stay In Touch

We systematically monitor your investments on an ongoing basis.  Our systematic review meetings help keep you informed on your investment portfolio and progress toward your goals.  We also provide a Personal Financial Website, where you may keep track of your progress.

Our Investment Philosophy

As Fiduciaries, We Act For You

As Fiduciaries, We Act For You

Jason Knox, AIF®, CRC® is a Fiduciary.  A Fiduciary refers to a person or organization that is held to a higher standard of conduct and trust.  An investment advisor, who is held to a "fiduciary standard," looks after the assets of another person on that persons' behalf, is fully transparent, and is required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.  Jason Knox and his team will act in the capacity of a Fiduciary.  This means that we will, at all times while engaged in providing Services, serve your best interests. 

Learn about our commitment to fiduciary excellence.

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<br data-mce-bogus="1">We Design Your Portfolio Uniquely For You<br data-mce-bogus="1">

We Design Your Portfolio Uniquely For You

Our advisors believe the most important part of designing your investment portfolio is matching it to your financial plan, goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

We do not use a "one size fits all" approach.

Your reasons for investing, time horizon, and the risk level you are willing to assume are the driving factors in our custom, quantitative process for designing your unique portfolio.  

We may use some of the same investments in our clients' portfolios, like ingredients in a recipe, however, your portfolio or "recipe" of investments is uniquely designed for you and your situation.

<br data-mce-bogus="1">We Are Independent<br data-mce-bogus="1">

We Are Independent

While our advisors utilize innovative technology, leading products and services that are also available from national firms, we retain our independence, allowing us to focus on our clients' needs, not a corporate agenda.  We take pride in our local ownership, local decisions and a family-owned culture, allowing us to objectively develop Solutions when working with our clients.

We have chosen to utilize platforms from Lincoln Investment and Capital Analysts for our clients portfolios.  Our collaboration with these firms provide the technology and resources of a nationally recognized registered investment adviser and broker/dealer.  However, we are not mandated to utilize any specific product or portfolios that either firm offers.   Our Advisors are free to design and customize our clients' portfolios with the your goals and needs being the primary focus.

<br data-mce-bogus="1">We Are Risk Appropriate<br data-mce-bogus="1">

We Are Risk Appropriate

Determining your true risk tolerance is an essential component of our portfolio design process.  

Our Advisors use a mathematically determined process to pinpoint how much risk you want, how much risk you need to take to reach your goals, and how much risk you actually have in your portfolio.  We then design and maintain your portfolio to match your risk tolerance.

Having a risk appropriate portfolio may help match your investment goals and expectations.  Having a defined risk tolerance may help avoid the emotions of market cycles, which helps keep us on track to meet your goals.

Your Portfolio Is Meaningfully Diversified

Your Portfolio Is Meaningfully Diversified

The purpose of diversification is to invest in various asset categories whose historical returns move in different directions and by different amounts.  With this strategy, when markets change, parts of your portfolio often move in correlated directions and by different amounts.

Meaningful diversification is more than buying several different brands of investments.  Meaningful diversification is allocating your portfolio across multiple asset categories, that as an overall portfolio, match your desired risk tolerance.  While individual components of your portfolio may have more risk or less risk, the overall group of investments is designed to match your risk tolerance and goals.

While diversification doesn't ensure gains or guarantee against losses, diversification does have the potential to improve returns for whatever level risk level we undertake.

<br data-mce-bogus="1">We Are Rules Based<br data-mce-bogus="1">

We Are Rules Based

Using a systematic, rules-based approach to matching your investment portfolio to the desired level of risk helps remove the emotion from investment decision making.  

Our Advisors build your portfolio using various data points to score potential investments.  We combine this scoring system with rules for allocating your portfolio, including diversification across multiple asset categories.

Math is systematic, consistent, repeatable and unemotional.  We utilize our mathematically driven processes that help us seek consistency and avoid emotion in decision making.   Our rules based process helps us use the power of patience, probabilities, discipline and time, critical factors to ensuring your portfolio will support your goals over time. 

We Are Opportunistic

We Are Opportunistic

Our investment portfolio design process includes global economic trends and data, that is, we consider the broad economy when designing and managing your investment portfolio.  

Ongoing rebalancing is buying and selling investments to maintain your risk tolerance.  This process also serves multiple purposes, including periodically reallocating investments that are "high" with those that are "low" during both up and down market cycles.      

Our diversified portfolio process includes allocating investments that are both above and below your overall risk tolerance.  Together, these investments reach a mathematical average risk level.   This process allows opportunities in more asset categories, allowing a broader exposure to the markets, while remaining risk appropriate.

We Incorporate Flexibility and Liquidity<br/>

We Incorporate Flexibility and Liquidity

Markets always change.  Life events often happen.  Your Portfolio is designed to maintain flexibility for future changes in either the markets or your life.

Our asset management programs incorporate liquidity, so if your situation changes, we may adapt your portfolio accordingly.

Flexibility allows your portfolio to take advantage of market cycles, as our systematic approach to maintaining your risk level, often create opportunities during market volatility.

<br/>We Utilize Experience Along With Innovative Technology<br/>

We Utilize Experience Along With Innovative Technology

Our innovative technology is a collection of tools that assists our experienced professionals in developing and monitoring your portfolio, maintaining your risk level, and reporting our results to you.

The use of technology allows us to efficiently research investments, collect economic and market data, monitor your accounts, and model a portfolio that is uniquely designed for your situation. 

We believe that information combined with experience is vitally important both when developing your portfolio and while managing your portfolio on an ongoing basis.


We Are Collaborative

We Are Collaborative

Our Advisors synthesize research from multiple sources into development of our portfolio recommendations.   We rely on multiple methodologies and evaluative processes when designing your customized portfolio.  In your portfolio, we allocate your investments across multiple categories.  We also diversify the investment data and information we utilize.

<br data-mce-bogus="1">We Seek Tax Efficiency<br data-mce-bogus="1">

We Seek Tax Efficiency

While taxes are a seeming certainty in our world, we seek to reduce your exposure to unnecessary tax. 

Our Advisors consider the potential tax implications to you when designing your unique portfolio, both now and for your future.  While many investors seek the maximum return in all situation, we believe the net return, after your taxes are paid, or what you actually get to keep, is the most important factor.


<br data-mce-bogus="1">We Systematically Monitor Your Portfolio

We Systematically Monitor Your Portfolio

When you hire our Advisors to manage your investment portfolio, we provide systematic, ongoing reviews of your investment allocation.  

While we monitor the markets, economic trends, and specific investments continually, we also systematically review your individual accounts under our management.

Our systematic account review process helps ensure your portfolio is well positioned, stays consistent with your desired risk level, and is on track to meet your ongoing and future goals.

See How We Stay In Touch

We Are A Great Fit If You Are Looking For...

  • A portfolio that is uniquely designed for your situation and goals.
  • A portfolio that is developed to match your risk tolerance, and stays matched to your desired level of risk.
  • A portfolio that is meaningfully diversified across multiple asset categories.
  • A portfolio that is developed according to rules, and follows rules, to avoid emotional reactions to market movements.
  • A portfolio that is flexible and liquid for your future needs.
  • A portfolio that is designed with your goals and risk level in mind, not a corporate agenda.
  • A portfolio that is systematically monitored.
  • A team that is invested in your success.  
  • Spending your days doing what you wish to do, and leaving the details of managing your portfolio to experienced professionals.

We Are Not A Good Fit If You Are Looking For....

  • Day Trading.  This is not our thing.  We seek strategies to help people achieve their goals, with well defined monitoring and mathematically determined adjustments to your portfolio.  
  • An endorsement service for bad investment ideas.  We love to discuss investments and will consider new ideas and strategies.  However, we call a thing a thing.  We will always tell your our unbiased opinion on an investment or strategy.
  • Jargon and catch-phrases.  We can talk all the statistical investment jargon and buzz words and have the "sophisticated vocabulary" some of our competitors relish in.  We believe our time with you is best spent working with you on what is most important to you.  We take pride in making the complex investment world easy to understand and don't try to wow you with the industry vocabulary, instead we focus on what our process and results mean to you and your goals.
  • Brand loyal investments.  We don't play favorites, based on name recognition.  If an investment is great in our evaluative process, we use it.  If it isn't, we don't.  Name brand recognition is not relevant to us.  
  • "Exclusive" investments, or "the cool" thing.  We analyze investments using quantitative methods and defined processes, not gossip or social media validation.   If an investment is great in our evaluative process , we use it.  If it isn't, we don't. 
  • Us to implement advice from others.  If you choose to hire us to run your portfolio, we use our own tools, research and work, and cannot be responsible for other's ideas or strategies that we cannot verify.  

Asset management leaves the day to day selection, monitoring, and adjustment processes to us.   We help our clients use their assets in the most efficient manner for their situation.

As you pursue your other goals, be assured we are systematically monitoring and adjusting your accounts as needed.  Our process may help you use your assets more efficiently.  Knowing your assets are professionally managed on an ongoing basis, may free up time, allowing you to pursue the most important other parts of your life.  

If you wish to work with a team that listens to your goals, develops unique solutions to help get you there, systematically monitors and adjusts your portfolio, stays in touch with you, and provides exceptional service, Knox Financial Services may be your best choice.

Solutions for Investing

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Having a Great Portfolio Is Just One Part Of Financial Success 

An efficient, well-performing portfolio is one step in the Journey.   Having a comprehensive plan to make the most of your investment portfolio, growing and using what you have in the most efficient manner, is the next step in your Journey.

To learn about our Look Forward! Planning process, click the button below.  Look Forward! to your Financial Future!

Plan Well

Plan Well.  Invest Efficiently.  Relax.

A thorough financial plan and an efficient investment portfolio are like peanut butter and jelly.  Both are good, but the combination is even better.  We find our clients have the best outcomes when they combine our asset management services with our financial planning services.

To learn about how combining our Look Forward! Planning Process and our Invest Efficiently! wealth management process, may allow you to Relax, click the button below.