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Text Messages

Connect with Knox Financial Services via Text Message

The first text message was sent December 3, 1992.  SMS (Short Message/Messaging Service) or text messages are a convenient way to communicate.  We have added text messages as another way to connect.

FINRA rule 4511 require retention of business related communications.  Our text number, 563-412-4770, utilizes a service to retain text messages. 

We Look Forward! to texting with you!

Calling 563-412-4770 rings to our main phone number, where you may speak with your Advisor or our Staff.  You may wish to add this number to our contact information in your phone.

We may not accept instructions to buy or sell securities via SMS or text.  Please call our office at 563-412-4770 or 1-877-566-9468 to request any security transaction.  

Text messages sent to our other phone numbers are not monitored - use 563-412-4770 to text us.

We may not reply to business-related text messages sent to any of our Team's cell phones.  Please use our business text number if your message concerns business.   

If you prefer email, send messages to