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Accelerate Your Charitable Giving With A Match From Knox Financial Services 

Giving Back

Giving Back

Amber and Jason are committed to our community and helping those in need.  We have made the decision to expand our efforts.  As we visit with clients, we hear about many charities we wish to support and perhaps you will also wish to support.

We are pleased to announce our donation matching program. 

We believe that matching your charitable donations (maximum $1,000 per month) will have meaningful impact on the charity's mission, create awareness, and perhaps inspire others.  The charity will benefit from our collaborative donation because of you, as the donation will be in honor of our clients.

Giving back to the community is part of both how Amber and Jason choose to live, as well as part of our team culture.  Our entire team is committed to helping those in need.   

How Our Charitable Matching Program Works 

Each month, we select a charitable organization that was nominated by one of our clients. Knox Financial Services will make a minimum $500 contribution to the selected organization.  In addition, we will make additional matching contributions! 

If the client that nominated the selected organization wishes to make a contribution of $501 or more, we will make additional matching contributions dollar-for-dollar from $500 up to a $1,000 total contribution from Knox Financial Services.

Base Contribution

Knox Financial contributes $500

Client does not contribute

Organization receives $500!


Knox Financial contributes $500

Client contributes $500

Organization receives $1,000!

Match More!

Knox Financial contributes $500

Client contributes $750

Knox Financial matches $250

Organization receives $1,500!

Maximum Match

Knox Financial contributes $500

Client contributes $1,000

Knox Financial matches $500

Organization receives $2,000!

Make A Difference

Make A Difference

Monetary contributions are only one way to help.

Volunteering may be more valuable than monetary donations, as many nonprofits have a lot of things to do, but never enough people to do them all.

Using your skills, like handyman, computer skills, organization, cleaning, helping move tables or chairs, making phone calls, mailing envelopes, or anything else may be helpful; contact the organization to see if your skills may be useful.  Amber and I have carried tables and chairs, taken tickets, cleaned up buildings, painted, provided carpentry work, solicited vendors, transported people, prepared foods, transported items, and even visited landfills.  We know there are many ways to help that don't require writing a check.  Organizations appreciate what you may offer.

We remember all of the people that cook food for the annual town celebration, those that carry chairs for community events, fold flags in honor of our Veterans, mow lawns, take tickets, serve drinks and food, put up and take down tents, move picnic tables, husk corn, reconcile books, organize events, make phone calls, call bingo, clean up, do paperwork for the organization, organize files, work on websites, and all the things organizations ask volunteers to do.  We appreciate all of you! 

There are many efforts and ways to help that have helped so many organizations meet their goals.  

Just being involved will help the organization you wish to support.

If you are involved in a charitable organization that needs volunteer help, please contact us to see if we may help.  Our team is committed to making a better community.

A nomination does not guarantee that Knox Financial Services will make any contribution or match.  Knox Financial Services offers this matching program at our sole discretion, and may modify or discontinue the program in the future.  The selected organization must be a 501(c)3, 501(c)7, 501(c)8, 501(c)19, 501(c)23, or 501(k) tax-exempt organization, be found the in the IRS database, be presently active, provide services in the greater Midwest, and be nominated by an existing client.  An existing client is defined for the purpose of this program as one to whom we provide ongoing financial planning or investment management services (fee-based) and have a current agreement in effect.  Determination of this status is at our sole discretion.  Knox Financial Services reserves the right to accept or deny nominations of charitable organizations, in our sole discretion.  We may deny our contribution and match to the proposed charitable organization where: there is a potential conflict of interest; we have donated to the proposed organization in the past; or our directors believe the organization does not fit our mission for charitable giving, or at our sole discretion.  If the proposed organization does not fit our criterion, we will notify the client, and that client may elect another organization for consideration.  If we have recently donated to the organization, the client may elect to postpone the contribution to the future.  Nominations are considered in the order received.  Exception may be allowed based on timely considerations such as a time sensitive annual fund drive, end of fiscal year for the organization or ourselves, other matching contributions that compel timelines, or other factors.  We wish to honor all selected charities that meet our criterion, but have committed to an ongoing schedule to preserve our ability to sustain such contributions and matches.  All nominations will be considered by our Directors, and we will notify the submitter of our selections, declinations, if and if selected, the next month available for contributions and potential matching contributions.