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15 Nov
LEARN - Some of the Best Ways to Keep Track of Your Accounts


I get a lot of mail about my accounts.....that I'm not that interested in.  When I get the mail, it is old.  Is there a better way for me to stay informed?   There probably is!

Investment providers send investors a lot of information.  What is most useful to you?  Knox Financial Services offers multiple ways to get the information you desire most, without the mail.  We will will present multiple ways to access your information, all while saving the mail!  

We believe presenting information on various topics might spark your interest, answer a question you may have, or start a conversation.  Our LEARN seminar series addresses various financial topics and occasionally lifestyle topics.

LEARN sessions are planned to be 20-25 minutes.  Questions may be asked at the session, or to maintain confidentiality on specific questions, please direct follow-up questions to your Advisor. 

Date and Time

Wed, Nov 15, 2023

5:15p - 5:45p CST


Decorah office, West Union office, and via web meeting


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