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Financial Planning

A well planned trip may help you reach your destination more efficiently.

Do you have a comprehensive plan?  A solid financial plan, that evaluates your whole picture, is one of the keys to achieving financial success.    

Our objective, collaborative, creative, and customized process helps you target your goals, determine where you are now, and outline strategies to help you reach your desired financial destinations.    

Sometimes, the hardest part of the Journey is just getting started.  Let's Get Started!

Services for Individuals:

• Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Planning- During this process the Advisor will gather information from the client to aid in preparing and analyzing the client’s current financial state. This process will include the preparation and analysis of the client’s personal balance sheet and cash flow statement. The client’s personal balance sheet is a statement of financial position which shows the client’s assets, liabilities, and net worth as of a given date. The client’s statement of cash flow shows the client’s income and expenses for a given time period. Both statements are essential to the planning process as it would be difficult to help an individual achieve their financial goals and objectives without them.

• Estate Planning- During the estate planning process, the Advisor provides advice to enable the client to make informed decisions with respect to property ownership and distribution of assets, in light of current federal and state estate tax rules. Based upon the client’s current situation and their future goals, the Advisor will review the client’s current estate plan, work with the client’s estate planning attorney, and suggest alternative strategies when appropriate. The estate planning process involves a discussion of gifting, trusts, wills, and the disposition of business interests. Tax consequences and their implications are identified and evaluated. 

• Retirement Planning- The retirement planning process includes an analysis of the client’s current financial situation, expected retirement date and income needed at retirement. The Advisor will present planning strategies and techniques that can be used to assist the client in accumulating wealth for retirement income, or in the appropriate distribution of assets following retirement. Tax consequences and tax implications are identified and evaluated.

• Investment Planning- During the planning process, the Advisor will evaluate the client’s existing investments to provide an overview analysis of current holdings. This process includes an analysis of the client’s current asset allocation, investment income and/or growth, tax consequences and tax implications, when applicable. Once the client’s current holdings have been reviewed, the Advisor may recommend strategies and investment accumulation/distribution techniques. The strategies and techniques recommended are designed to assist the client with the selection of the appropriate asset allocation strategy necessary to meet their investment objectives and may provide the client with investment categories considered by the Advisor to be in the best interest of the client. The strategies and techniques outlined in the investment plan are designed to assist the client with the achievement of stated investment goals at the most appropriate risk level for the client. In certain situations the Advisor will include a written Investment Policy Statement as part of the Investment Plan, which states the client’s needs and goals and encompasses a policy under which these goals are to be achieved. Implementation of the recommendations is at the discretion of the client.

• Insurance Planning and Risk Management- During the insurance planning and risk management process, the Advisor will help analyze and assess the client’s exposure to major risks that could have a significant adverse impact on the client’s financial picture, such as premature death, disability, or the need for long-term care. Advice is provided on the costs and benefits of available financial products that exist to reduce such risks. Current insurance coverage will be reviewed and analyzed.

• Tax Planning- During the tax planning process, the Advisor will work with the client and their tax and/or legal professionals, as Lincoln Investment does not offer tax or legal advice, on such topics as timing of gifts, property transfers, receipt of social security income, and minimum distribution requirements from retirement accounts to minimize tax obligations.

• Employee Benefit Plan Review- During the employee benefit plan review process the Advisor will review and analyze the benefits provided to the client from their employer.  Employee benefits such as retirement plans and insurance will be reviewed to see how they fit into the client's overall financial situation.