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How Much Risk Is Right For You

All investments carry some degree of risk, or uncertainty. In seeking higher return,
or reward, investors may take on more risk.

Those with fear of market volatility may take on less risk than what is optimal.

When markets become volatile, some investors may find themselves outside of their
natural risk tolerance. It is one reason many investors sabotage their strategy
by selling when markets are down, and then, getting back in when it is high.

Terms like "Aggressive", "Moderate", or "Conservative" may mean something quite
different to an investor or their financial advisor. Stereotyping all investors by age
may not match their true risk tolerance.

Our Advisors use a mathematically determined process to pinpoint how much risk you want,
how much risk you need to take to reach your goals, and how much risk you actually
have in your portfolio.

Risk analysis may help your portfolio match your investment goals and expectations.