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A Safe Place For Your Important Documents - Personal File Safe 

With you so many important documents and files, our financial lives and all of the paperwork often becomes complex.  Knox Financial Services provides our clients with their own secure online folder as a place to store your files.  This provides an easily organized way to backup your files and documents, and allows you to to access them at any time, on any device, with your unique login. 

Our Personal File Safe file system may be a place to store copies of your will, power of attorney, deeds, titles, vital records, tax-returns, pictures, or other files and documents that are important to you.  You may upload your files directly from your computer or device.  If you have documents in paper form, please contact our Client Service Team to arrange a time to scan your files at one of our office locations.  We will upload these files to your Personal File Safe while you retain your originals.

You may register for your folder below, and receive access to your Personal File Safe:


Where are my files stored?

Our files are stored on Citrix Sharefile.  

Are my files secure?

Data security is crucial.  Citrix Sharefile protects your information with SSAE 16 Type II accredited datacenters with up to 256-bit encryption.

Is there a cost for this service?

No.  Knox Financial Services assumes all costs of offering this service to our clients.

May I share my files with others?

Yes, you may choose to share the files in your folder with others.  The file share tool provides a secure method to share files with others, such as your family, attorneys or tax professionals.

Does Knox Financial Services and/or their staff have access to my files?

Yes.  Our file system allows our Administrators to view your folder and contents.  Our policy is not to open any documents in our clients' Personal File Safe unless you request us to do so.

What happens to my documents if I am no longer a client with Knox Financial Services?

We hope you are always a client with our firm!  However, if you ever choose to leave, we will maintain your files for 3 months.  You may download your files at any time, and transfer them to another storage device.   If you pass away, we will maintain your files indefinitely, unless instructed otherwise.

Should I keep my original documents?

Absolutely!  Our Personal File Safe is a way to backup, but not replace, your important documents in another remote location, in case the originals are lost or destroyed.  In addition, this provides a method to securely share your files with others, if you choose.

Is this different than the Vault in my Personal Financial Website?

Yes.  Your Personal Financial Website offers a Vault, where you may also upload your important electronic files.  The Vault allows you to store files that are private to you only or share them with your Advisor.  The Personal File Safe is also a place where you may upload your important electronic files.  The Personal File Safe allows you to share your documents with others, such as your family, attorneys or tax professionals.  The Personal Financial Safe files are available to your Advisor.  Either system provides a secure location for your files.