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Knox Financial Services ShareFile

A More Secure and Convenient Way To Share Your Information

Keeping your private information secure has always been a primary focus of our operations decisions.  As technology continues to evolve, we seek to provide the most secure, convenient, and efficient ways to deliver information that is most important to you.   We are excited to introduce Knox Financial Services ShareFile.

With Knox Financial Services ShareFile, you may:

  • Conveniently and securely access important private documents we may send to you, like statements, account information, tax forms, or other information.
  • Keep the same username and password for use on our site, instead of entering your information with each email link we sent.  
  • Recover your password 24 hours per day, if needed.
  • View and keep documents we send to you indefinitely.  Your documents will stay in your folder.  No more expired documents!  
  • Receive and send larger files than email may allow.
  • Organize your files in your unique folder.
  • Download your documents as you choose.
  • Securely share your documents with others, as you choose.
  • Receive email notifications when we send a file to your folder.
  • Upload your documents to simply store, or even share those documents with us with us or others.
  • Connect your file folder to other file management tools, like Windows Explorer, Mac OS Finder, Microsoft Office and other iOS and Android apps.
  • For additional security, you may choose to require two-step verification process to access your files.

How Do I Log In?

Click on the Button below to go to our Knox Financial Services ShareFile access. 

For the first time log in, we will send an invitation allowing you to create your password to access to your private folder.  After that, simply enter your username and password to access your folder.  

How Do I Know A New File Is In My Folder?

You will receive an email notification when new files are added to your folder.  Within your folder, you may choose how often you receive these notifications.

Why Are You Changing To This Way Of Sending Documents?

We believe the ShareFile tool is a more secure way for us to send your private documents to you.  With this tool, you also have new ways to access, organize, and use the information provided.

It ShareFile Secure?

While there is some risks with having information available online, there has been well documented breaches throughout the world in corporate and government sites, technology continues to evolve to combat these threats.  ShareFile is offered by Citrix, a provider of data storage and collaboration solutions for a variety of industries.   For additional information about the technology used, please contact us. 

May I Store My Files In This Folder?

Yes, we have already established your folder for you to do so.

Will You Help Me Log In? 

Yes, our Client Service Team is well versed in using ShareFile and will work with you on establishing your log in information.

Who Do I Contact With More Questions?

I appreciate your cooperation as we continue to enhance the ways we protect and provide your relevant information to you.  Our Client Service Team is available for assistance with your ShareFile access.  If you have more questions, wish to provide feedback or suggestion, please contact me.  Thank you!

Jason Knox, AIF®, CRC®