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Account Evaluation

Account Evaluation

Changing your investments to a new firm or advisor is a major decision.  We believe this decision should include objective evaluation and quantitative analysis, and not rely solely on emotion.

Our transfer evaluation service is composed of three steps:

  • Our team begins with a statistical analysis of your existing investment portfolio, including historical performance, risk level, expense ratios, and other mathematical evaluations.
  • We help you determine your true risk tolerance
  • Our team then compares your existing portfolio to your risk tolerance,  to see if they are a good fit.  If there is any needed actions, we will make specific written recommendations that will help align your portfolio to your true risk tolerance.    

We hope your investment portfolio is efficient, well-positioned, and is in line with your desire for risk.   If not, our Advisors will recommend ways to better position your portfolio to match your risk tolerance, or solutions to help your portfolio align with your goals.  

Regardless of the outcome, you will receive a professional, mathematical analysis of your current investment portfolio.  Contact Us for an initial discussion to see if you are eligible for our complimentary Investment Evaluation.