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Asset Management

Why Asset Management?

  • Have you set your financial goals?  Where do you want to be? How do you plan to get there? 
  • Are you familiar with the types of investments that may best help you reach your goals?
  • Are you comfortable researching, selecting and monitoring the individual investments in your portfolio?  Do you have the time to do so?
  • Do you have the time to stay up to date with constantly changing world market and economic conditions and the expertise to utilize this knowledge to your benefit?
  • Is your portfolio properly diversified* to help minimize the effects of market volatility?
  • Do you know how much risk you have in your portfolio?  
  • Is your portfolio allocated* to take advantage of potential market opportunities and to minimize the effects of market downturns?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you may want to consider the benefits of our professional investment management services.
Professional investment managers may provide a wealth of information and guidance as you work to reach your goals.

Managed accounts were created to provide professional investment management services to investors, freeing them from the day to day details of managing wealth. You may enjoy the benefits of your specially designed, diversified*, and professionally managed investment portfolio. 

*Diversification and asset allocation do not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

With any successful advisory program, you must gain value.  In other words, the benefits should exceed the cost.   We seek to provide exceptional service, and are cost conscious with our client's assets, as we are with our own.

You may have well performing investments.  Without using them efficiently, you may be missing the mark.

Asset management leaves the day to day selection, monitoring, and adjustment processes to us.   We help our clients use their assets in the most efficient manner for their situation.

As you pursue your other goals, be assured we are systematically monitoring and adjusting your accounts as needed.  Our process may help you use your assets more efficiently.  Knowing your assets are professionally managed on an ongoing basis, may free up time, allowing you to pursue the most important other parts of your life.  

If you wish to work with a team that listens to your goals, develops unique solutions to help get you there, systematically monitors and adjusts your portfolio, stays in touch with you, provides exceptional service, while charging reasonable fees, Knox Financial Services may be a fit.

We work with a select group of successful individuals, families, and businesses, where we feel our knowledge, experience and services are best suited. Our goal is to help our clients grow and protect their assets, so that they may pursue the most important things in their life.  

Thank you for considering Knox Financial Services.  Let's get started to see if we are a fit for your situation. 

Jason Knox, AIF(R), CRC(R)

A Different Approach: Asset Management Excellence


"Typical" Advisor

Knox Financial Services

Standard of Care

Brokerage Professionals have suitability requirements, with no ongoing monitoring.

As a Fiduciary, your Advisor is required to put your best interest first.  We systematically monitor your accounts, on an ongoing basis.

Scope of Advice

Investment focused, with basic tax and goal considerations.

Our advisors use a total financial picture approach, including your net worth, cash flow, and income tax analysis, to design your unique portfolio.  Just as important, we provide ongoing review and  management of your assets.  Helping you reach your desired financial destinations is our most important activity.    

Team Approach

Generally not.

Absolutely!  We incorporate specialists in designing your plan, including tax professionals, estate attorneys, and other needed professionals.


Transaction based commissions.

Fee based compensation.

Financial Planning

Focus is often limited to the investment only.

Detailed calculations and projections, customized to each Client's unique situation, by an experienced Advisor.

Transparent Advisory Fee

Fees are disclosed in the prospectus and some statements.

Advisory fees are transparent and disclosed on statements.

Education for Clients

Often focused on the specific investment product.

We seek to provide education that is comprehensive and tailored to each client's situation.  We use understandable principals that are based on research.  We take pride in making complex processes easy to understand.

Tax Efficient Asset Allocation

Typically not.

Tax efficiency is integral in our processes.  The net return, after taxes, is what you get to keep or use.

Withdrawal Strategy

Often a cookie-cutter approach.

Comprehensive analysis to produce an optimal strategy that considers all of your resources.

Investment Approach

Predictive.  Often buy and hold.

Ongoing monitoring and adjustment, according to research-based models and risk tolerance.

Decision Making

Often influenced by conflicts of interest.

Rules based decision making is our process.  Few conflicts of interest.

Level of Service

Service is increasingly becoming self-serve.

We seek to provide concierge level service to our clients.  Everything we do, we take ownership of.  That leads us to do it well.

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