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Maple Crest Manor Simple IRA Employee Retirement Plan

Maple Crest Manor offers an additional retirement savings opportunity for all employees.  The Maple Crest Manor Simple IRA Employee Retirement Plan allows you to:

  • Save automatically through your payroll deduction
  • Defer current federal and state income tax
  • If eligible, receive matching contributions from your Employer
  • Choose how your contributions are invested, or
  • Receive guidance from a professional financial advisor

Withdrawals from the plan are considered taxable income in the year received. 

To learn how the Maple Crest Manor Simple IRA Employee Retirement Plan may work for you, please contact your representative and view the resources below.  We look forward to meeting with you.

Enroll In The Plan - 5 Easy Steps

1 - Tell Us About You

The Profile form below gathers your necessary information to establish your account.

Complete Your Profile

2 - Tell Us About Your Beneficiaries

Designate your beneficiary or beneficiaries using the form below.

Designate Beneficiar(y)(ies)

3 - Tell Us How Much You Wish To Contribute

You may contribute an ongoing percentage of your compensation, or a specific dollar amount per pay period.  With a percentage contribution, your contribution adjusts accordingly if you work more or less in a pay period.  Click the button below to tell your employer how much to withhold from your paycheck.

Contribution Amount

4 - Tell Us How Much Risk You Wish To Take

With the Maple Crest Manor SIMPLE IRA Employee Retirement plan, you may determine how much risk you wish to take with your investments.  Complete the Risk Questionnaire below to help determine how much risk matches is right for you.  A Financial Advisor will review the results with you.

Determine Your Risk Level

5 - A Member Of Team Will Contact You Soon To Finalize Your Enrollment

Thank you for completing the necessary steps above.  Financial Advisors at Knox Financial Services will review your information, finalize the necessary enrollment process.   A member of our Team will contact you soon!